The Latino opportunity

Under the impression that Latinos—the population of the United States with Latin American and Spanish heritage— are “bad hombres”, some conclude that we are bad for the country, do not bring in any benefit, and are a threat to the union. Consequently, inefficient policies such as border wall building, massive deportations, and DACA suspension follow. […]

China’s surge

“Let China sleep for when she wakes up, she will shake the world. ” The sentence attributed to Napoleon Bonaparte can summarize the great historical event that is occurring in front of our noses: The change of the geopolitical epicenter of the world from west to east. With the largest population in the world, estimated at […]

About María Gabriela Sosa

Maria G. Sosa is public policy consultant and an international lawyer with more than 18 years of experience in legal assessment, designing regulatory reforms and legal drafting in areas of trade facilitation, transparency, Customs and taxes. She has lead the reform and modernization of many national and regional laws and institutions.

About Omar García-Bolivar

Omar Garcia-Bolivar is a public policy consultant and international lawyer with over 25 years of experience in drafting laws and designing regulatory reforms to foster competitiveness and encourage participation of the private sector in the economy. As an advisor to developing nations’ governments and to foreign investors he has direct knowledge of the needs of the stakeholders in both the public and private sectors.