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Management Consulting & Partner Selection

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BG Consulting provides clients with tailored strategic management and international market access solutions. BG Consulting also offers clients international dispute resolution management.

We achieve our client's goals through:

Define a strategy

General assessment: SWOT for business in LAC

Firms that consider Latin America or the Caribbean to have potentially high investment returns for their companies (either by sourcing their production or expanding their market base) but do not recognize the specific market economies from which they will obtain a higher return for their investment, will profit from this tailored research. This service quantifies and ranks those markets from which a firm will obtain the greatest return from its investment and it is specifically important for companies with a limited budget that wish to invest internationally with limited risks.

MMI analysis

Macro-Micro-Industry Analysis is a tailored research based service undertaken by both local and international consultants which aims to provide companies with an unprecedented insight into specific countries, regions and industries. Research might also be directed towards regional trade acts and their influence in a particular industry or business.

Establish a strategy

Partnerships (Manufacturing/suppliers/distribution)

Companies looking for distributors, suppliers, manufacturing facilities, representatives and partners will benefit from this comprehensive tailored service that provides the client with a ranking of potential partners in a specific region or market. The ranking is done by employing a proprietary methodology that takes into account our client’s inputs and our own inputs, as well as the potential partner’s reputation. BG Consulting may also participate and represent the client in the negotiation of contracts and other legal considerations. Once the appropriate partner is selected a comprehensive Due Diligence can be carried out. This service is also appropriate for companies looking for potential acquisition partners.

Real estate connection

Sellers might not actually own the land or building they are attempting to sell. Companies looking to purchase a plot of land or a building will benefit from a comprehensive research that will determine the lawful owner of the property being acquired. Moreover, we offer clients a thorough analysis of the real estate market in a specific country.


Companies engaged in international trade practices – either by importing or exporting products – will benefit from this tailored service, offering shipping options: finding the right combination of cost, quality and port of arrival and customs clearance: quick and successful introduction of the merchandise in the target country. We also help companies by providing an intelligence report on processes and procedures needed to successfully import a product or products from a foreign country.

Investment/business road map toolkit

Companies who wish to attempt their internationalization on their own might consider obtaining a detailed report describing how to set up a business in a specific market of Latin America or the Caribbean. The tailored report will identify all of the activities together with their respective costs and timings and facilitate a short list of transparent, legal and effective, organizations and/or institutions and their contacts necessary to set up operations in a specific country.

Launch a strategy

"Local" coaching

Companies with an intermittent need to resolve issues pertaining to international business in Latin America, trade issues, investment solutions or negotiation support, may hire this service to obtain answers to their questions. BG Consulting commits to resolving a specific concern in a timely manner surpassing the client’s expectations.


Each country has its own labor laws and direct and indirect labor costs. A company that is ready to hire an international crew, must assert itself that it understands the country’s labor framework and can quantify the "real" human resources costs.

Customized negotiation toolkit

Prepare for an international negotiation in Latin America. Our proprietary methodology will provide you with our negotiation matrix allowing you to know where you may be flexible and where you have to stand firm. To provide a more hands on service and language support we can also be present during the negotiations or even carry these out on a company’s behalf.

Maintain a strategy

Counseling in intellectual and property right matters

This service is tailored for a company that needs advise on the status of Intellectual Property (IP) and Property Rights protection in country and may require us to devise strategies to protect IP and Property Rights.

Transfer pricing advise and negotiations

A company looking to understand the local and international transfer pricing policy pertaining to a specific country or region, or new free trade act, through a detailed research report and ongoing support will be interested in obtaining more information on this service. The company might also require transfer pricing negotiating arrangements with the local tax administrations.

Outsourced regional management

A company looking for management support in their international operation will be drawn to this service. BG Consulting will allocate a team of consultants to Coordinate, Supervise and Report on an ongoing basis a company’s LAC operations. This service can be used for general management or for a specific sector: Legal, Financial, Accounting/tax, and Logistics. A company might also require advice on how to do business in a particular country, support to attend meetings with clients, help meeting key contacts etc.

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