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Private Sector Division

BG Consulting – Private Sector Division provides assistance planning and implementing trade and foreign investment strategies in Latin America and the Caribbean, China, India and the US.

We can help your business prosper by acting on international opportunities while limiting your risks and providing international expertise as well as local knowledge.

Through our joint ventures in China, Eastern Europe and India we also initiate and manage international solutions from and to those regions.

Our focus lies on:

What makes BG Consulting unique

Private Sector Division

Presence in Latin America and the Caribbean: BG Consulting provides its clients with the on-the-ground expertise necessary to conduct business abroad through an experienced team of consultants, branch offices in Latin America, and an extensive network of contacts in the public and private sector.

We have branches in Colombia, Peru, Ecuador and Venezuela, China and India, and consultants in Central America (all countries), South America (all countries except Suriname and Guyana) and in the Caribbean (Jamaica, Dominican Republic and Eastern Caribbean countries).

We can help you walk through the regulatory maze: Through our business and government contacts we can decrease time-to-market.

We can help you obtain the financing you need: We have access to United States and Latin American financing vehicles.

We have years of experience: We have extensive experience working with governments and companies in all areas of investment and trade.

We speak your language: We have the multilingual written and oral language skills to successfully plan and implement your business strategy in Latin America and the Caribbean.

We have extensive human resources capabilities

  • Customs experts
  • Customs brokers
  • Trade specialists
  • Trade lawyers
  • Corporate lawyers
  • Investment Bankers
  • International lawyers
  • Antitrust economists and lawyers
  • Political experts
  • Labor experts
  • Marketing specialists
  • Financial specialists
  • Management specialists
  • Enviromental specialists
  • International business experts
  • M&A Specialists

We know the people that can make things happen

  • Government officials
  • Investment promotions agencies
  • Chambers of commerce
  • Financing sources


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