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Government Consulting

BG Consulting and the public sector

Government Consulting
"Economic development does not occur at random. Internal conditions must be meticulously constructed in a manner to allow for development. Specifically, strong and efficient institutions, a sound long-term strategy for growth, an appealing investment climate, and a coherent legal framework must be created before economies can grow." - Omar García-Bolívar, President BG Consulting

What we can do

Institutional Strengthening and Legal Reform:

  • Design and reform legal frameworks, institutions and proceedings consistent with the principals of economic liberalization
  • Design and reform public institutions to increase transparency, capacity and efficiency
  • Train public officers in the areas of public policy, globalization, trade, customs administration, and taxation
  • Support governments in international negotiations in the areas of investment, competition, trade, dumping and subsidies

Business Climate and Private Sector Development: Government Consulting

  • Identify barriers to investment or trade
  • Create incentive mechanisms for private sector participation
  • Analyze and reform foreign investment law
  • Evaluate of the role of the public and private entities
  • Design and implement trade and investment promotion mechanisms
  • Develop small and medium enterprises
  • Promote foreign investment and exports
  • Enhance competitiveness


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