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BG Consulting provides services as legal counsel for Latin America from our Washington, D.C. office. We help clients plan and manage their businesses in Latin America considering the legal aspects involved. With our strength in the region we help international business navigate through the legal systems of Latin America.

Our professionals are international business lawyers qualified to practice law in the United States and in the Latin American countries. Our deep knowledge of Latin America and of its legal framework provides us a competitive advantage to assist our clients planning their businesses in the region. At BG Consulting we act either as inside/outside General Counsel managing and executing the entire legal docket of client, or as a Transactional Advisor on particular assignments.

Our services in this area comprise, but are not limited to:

Business legal planning: This involves analysis of local and relevant international legislation such as Bilateral Investment Treaties, Double Taxation Treaties and Free Trade Agreements. Planning the business around international agreements has proved a useful long-term strategy.

Managing general commercial matters: draft contracts, provide opinions, refer work to local lawyers and supervise their performance, risk litigation.

Assist on regulatory needs consistently across borders: analyze steps to undertake business, analysis of permits required to operate legally. We help clients navigate the international market by identifying and capitalizing on the international business and political opportunities. We help our clients achieve their goals by providing them relevant information, access to key government officials and private sector business contacts.

Due diligence: Comprehensive due diligence of local business. Our due diligence covers more than legal aspects and more than micro aspects.

Expert witness: we provide assistance as expert witnesses on the legal systems of Latin America. Cases where forum non conveniens is alleged require experts who analyze the legal and judicial systems of the region.

Arbitration: we act as consultants in issues of investment disputes as they pertain to international law of foreign investments and occasionally our lawyers have been called as arbitrators.

Export-Import planning: we provide assistance to our clients to plan the trade operation to and from Latin America according to the law. We analyze the framework, taxes, permits and steps required to do the business, recommend strategies and supervise local agents.

: draft opinions on legal risks of doing business in Latin America and about the legal framework of the whole region or of specific countries.

Advocate: we advocate Latin American governmental officials on behalf of the interests of our clients taking into account our corporate social responsibility principles.

We are supported by local lawyers for every country where hands-on-assistance is required, relieving the client from the burden of managing lawyers in many different countries.

We have the quality and efficiency international companies look for when legal counsel is needed. Our difference is that we provide a single delivery point for business and legal solutions, we offer market-beating-fees adaptable to the requests of each client and we bring in resources only when needed.

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