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Silvia Anzola

Senior Consultant
Silvia Anzola

Silvia Anzola is an expert in customs. She obtained her Juris Doctor from the Universidad del Externado in Bogotá, Colombia in 1969.

Her professional career has been concentrated in the area of customs in the public sector and international organizations. In the public sector she was the Integration Director and Advisor to the Minister of Foreign Trade, since 1994 to 2001. At the Ministry of Foreign Trade, she was in charge of the evaluation of the performance of the Andean Community set of laws and implementation of issues related to the Andean Integration and negotiations in the framework of the Andean Community, the Latin American Integration Agreement (ALADI), and the Free Trade Agreement of the Americas (FTAA) and the G-3 Group.

Specifically within the customs area at the Ministry of Foreign Trade, she was responsible for the adoption at Andean standards of the Common External Tariff Decisions, Custom Valuations, International Customs Transit, Roads Transport of Merchandise, Application of Safeguard Communitarian Measures and Antidumping Rights and Control of Customs Piracy.

She participated in the workgroups of customs procedures and Norms of Origin within the FTAA. Also, she was part of the negotiation groups within FTAA in: Access to Markets, Customs Procedures; Subventions, Antidumping Rights and Compensatory Measures, and Disputes Resolution. Participation in the ad-honorem group of facilitation in customs within the FTAA.

Currently she is consultant of BG Consulting. As such, she has been part of the team that designed the Code of Ethics and Conduct for Customs Officers to be implemented in Latin America and the Caribbean under the financing of the Inter American Development Bank. She was responsible for the implementation of the Code in Honduras.

She has worked with the Foreign Investment Advisory Service of the World Bank in studying the administrative barriers to investment in Venezuela. More recently, she has been the coordinator of the team evaluating the automated customs systems in Latin America for the Inter American Development Bank.

Silvia Anzola has been professor in foreign trade and customs since 1996 at the Universities of Externado, Sergio Arboleda and the Javeriana in Bogotá, Colombia.

As speaker and negotiator, she has represented the government of Colombia at the Andean Community, the FTAA, Mercosur and the Free Trade Agreement of the Group of the 3.

She is married, mother of 3 and grandmother of 1. She was born on June 17, 1945.

Email: silviaanzola@bg-consulting.com

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