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In order to better serve its clients, BG Consulting is in the process of incorporating representatives and forming alliances across Latin America and the Caribbean.

  • BG Consulting de Venezuela

    BG Consulting de Venezuela, located in Caracas, is the first representative to be incorporated by BG Consulting, Inc. Its purpose is multifold:

    • To assist Latin American governments devise strategies for sustainable development.
    • To liaison private investors with business opportunities in Latin America.
    • To locate opportunities within multilateral organizations for Latin American firms or investors.
    • To assist private investors and Latin American government sin obtaining financing from multilateral organizations.
    • To identify and hire the best consultants from the Latin American private sector, public sector and academia.

  • Centro de Investigación, Estudios y Prospectiva (CIEP)

    Centro de Investigación, Estudios y Prospectiva (CIEP) Address: Gaspara de Villarroel 393, Edificio Lopez, Oficina 15, Quito, Ecuador
    Phone: (5932) 225-4482
    Fax: (5932) 225-4482
    Contact: Rodrigo Albuja, Executive Director

  • Escritorio Jurídico García-Valentiner



  • ApproaChina


    ApproaChina offers consulting services in the areas of management consulting, consulting services mode and training services


  • ERG


    A consulting firm that specializes in INDIA-US trade and investment solutions for companies


  • Global Intelligence Alliance (GIA)

    Global Intelligence Alliance (GIA)

    The Global Intelligence Alliance (GIA) is a global network of business research and Competitive Intelligence (CI) consulting companies. Leveraging its world-wide reach, the GIA provides multi-national organizations with a single source for localized business research and Competitive Intelligence projects


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