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Magdalena Pardo

Senior Consultant
Magdalena Pardo

Magdalena Pardo is an economist specializing in international trade and economic integration. She holds degrees from the University of the Andes (Colombia) and the University of Paris (France).

The former Colombian Vice-Minister of Trade, Ms. Pardo current works as a consultant to both businesses and governments on issues related to trade promotion, trade negotiation and export strategies. Ms. Pardo also has extensive experience in the private sector designing export strategies for international firms within the Andean region. From 1999-2001, Ms Pardo served as a consultant to various governments during preparation for the Andean Community.

As Vice Minister of Trade, Ms. Pardo represented the government of Colombia at the World Trade Organization Ministerial Meeting in Geneva in 1998 and was the head of the Andean delegation during negations of the Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA) and MERCOSUR.

Ms. Pardo has also served as Secretary General of the Private Coffee Exporters Association in Columbia and as Deputy Director of Exports and Commerce at the Columbian Institute of Foreign Trade. Ms. Pardo has also worked as a consultant for the city of Bogotá in competition promotion.

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