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MOBIS (Mission-Oriented Business Integrated Services)

 What is Mobis?

It is a General Services Administration (GSA) schedule available as a contracting mechanism for all federal agencies of the United States Government to enable streamlined procurement from pre-qualified contractors.

Under MOBIS Government purchasers can place task orders with pre-qualified vendors at pre-negotiated labor prices, with no need to review and justification requirements. Contracting can be completed in few days.

Effective June 15, 2006, BG Consulting was awarded a MOBIS contract (GS-10F-0305S) to provide a range of professional services that include Consulting, Facilitation, and Surveying. Below is our basic MOBIS information:

Contract No: GS-10F-0305S
Contract period: June 15, 2006 to June 14, 2011
Maximum Order: $1,000,000
Minimum Order: $300
Special Item Numbers (SIN): 874-1, 874-2, 874-3.
SIN 874-1: Consulting Services - Diagnostic and solutions

• Expert advice, assistance, guidance, or counseling in support of agencies’ mission oriented business functions.
• Studies, analyses, and reports documenting any proposed developmental, consultative, or implementation efforts.

SIN 874-2: Facilitation Services - Promoting inclusive decisions

• Facilitation and related decision support services for agencies engaged in collaboration efforts, working groups, or integrated product, process, or self-directed teams.
• Problem-solving techniques to help agencies define and refine agendas and resolve disputes.
• logistical meeting/conference support when performing technical facilitation; convening and leading large and small group briefings and discussions; providing a draft for the permanent record; recording discussion content and enabling focused decision-making; and preparing draft and final reports for dissemination.

SIN 874-4: Survey Services - Data gathering

• Expert consultation, assistance, and deliverables associated with all aspects of surveying within the MOBIS context.
• Planning survey design sampling, survey development, pretest/pilot surveying, and defining and refining the agenda.
• Survey database administration, assessing reliability and validity of data, determining proper survey data collection methodology, and administering surveys.

Specifically at BG Consulting we are able to assist U.S. federal government agencies in the following areas:

1. Due diligence of projects in developing countries receiving aid.
2. Business climate assessment of developing countries receiving aid.
3. Commercial, Tax, Customs, Anticorruption, Trade, Investment and Dispute Resolution legal reforms of developing countries receiving aid.
4. Institutional development upon implementation of Commercial, Tax, Customs, Anticorruption, Trade, Investment and Dispute Resolution legal reforms of developing countries receiving aid.
5. Training of public officers in issues pertaining implementation of legal reforms.

For more information on ordering from Federal Supply Schedules, click on the FSS Schedule link at http://www.fss.gsa.gov

More information on our contract can be obtained at the GSA Advantage! web site by writing in either BG Consulting or our contract number. You can also contact us at:

121 S. Alfred St, 2nd Floor
Alexandria Va, 22314
e-mail: info@bg-consulting.com

Telephone: 703-535-7577, ext: 102

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